Ruby 3.1 Compatibility?

Hello there,

Thank you for your work on this gem! We rely on it for some features at work.

I’m currently in the process of updating our environment to run with Ruby 3.1. I have not verified this myself yet, but a coworker tells me they are getting 3.1 deprecation warnings from the source code in the gem. Are you aware and are there any plans for this gem to become compatible this year? If not, we may target 3.0 instead, as that at least buys a year and this gem does appear to be deprecation free for that version.

Thank you!

I’ve been running my apps at 3.1 since winter, I’m not aware if there are any incompatibilities. Also, which gem are you referring to? We have like twenty of them.

I didn’t realize you have so many gems, haha. I’m referring to dry-transaction.

That’s really great news if this is already running fine on 3.1. Perhaps out depreciation logs were mistaken. I’ll verify on our end, but if you already have this running with 3.1 that rocks.

Ahh, dry-transaction is a bit out-of-loop probably. See, personally, I use dry-monads + do notation. Works well for me but some people still prefer its DSLs. I’ll take a look if we can cut a new release. From what I can see at the moment, some deps shall be updated, at least.

Ok, so I pushed dry-transaction v0.15.0. It, for instance, doesn’t depend on dry-container which is deprecated. I think from now on dry-transaction shouldn’t issue any warning on 3.1+ apps. If you do see them, post more info here. I would expect them caused by the app code, though (stuff like keyword arguments usage etc).

Amazing! Thank you so much. We’ll run the new version against our test suite to confirm. I’ll let you know if we still see any deprecation warnings. Thanks again.