Is dry-operation replacing dry-transaction?

I was looking into using dry-transaction and came across dry-operation, which is new and seems to be solving the same problem. Am I wrong about that or is dry-transaction going to be deprecated?

Hi @jpf, this is an astute observation! And yes, you’re right: dry-operation is intended to become the successor to dry-transaction.

While it won’t provide an exactly compatible API (this is because dry-transaction’s API turned out to have a range of limitations that are very hard to work around), it will implement all of dry-transaction’s core concepts, and our aim is to provide a straightforward upgrade path.

dry-transaction won’t go way overnight, though. If it’s useful to you, you can feel free to continue using it, but dry-operation is our focus for the future.

The benefit of providing a successor via an alternative gem is that if you choose to migrate, you can do so progressively: one class at a time, as opposed to having to do a single big-bang migration that would be necessary if we provided a new version of dry-transaction that included a bunch of major breaking API changes.

I’m really excited about what we’ll be providing with dry-operation. It’s early days for the project, so it’ll still be a few months before we’re ready to share everything, but when we do, I expect that people will want to migrate because of the advantages that dry-operation provides.

Thanks so much @timriley ! That is exciting. I will start playing around with dry-operation :smiley:

Glad to hear this is exciting to you!

Be warned though, it’s very early days for dry-operation right now and we are not recommending it for real usage. Feel free to follow along, but just keep this in mind :slight_smile: