Dry-cli default/fallback command

Is there a way to invoke a default or fallback command, based on the args provided? As an example, consider a cli program for switching Ruby versions. switch_ruby ls would list the available ruby versions, and switch_ruby use 3.0.1 would switch to that version. However, I’d like to make it so that switch_ruby (with no args) would fallback to ls, while switch_ruby 3.0.1 would use the use command to switch to that version.

The docs didn’t have any examples like that, and poking at the source it didn’t seem possible. Is there a way to hack around this, or is it more trouble than its worth, and I should make a feature request?

@paul Sorry, for now there isn’t such feature.

@paul I doubt you probably want to switch to using another CLI library, but according to cmdparse's tutorial (cannot link to it due to forum rules) does appear to support default commands. I might also try implementing default commands for my command_kit library, although I kind of like having the default command be help which immediately shows users the available sub-commands.