Generators for Dry System, Dry CLI, others?

Hi folks, I was wondering if any effort has/had been put into creating a set of generators for common Dry Libraries. I know a set of generators exists for common workflows in Hanami, but what about common code structure and setup for things like Dry::System? Would it be useful for there to be a set of cli tasks to generate common structures and get people on the right path quickly? I personally feel like I could benefit from that and the few times I’ve used dry system I feel like I always have to go back and learn the structure, life cycle of the components, etc. Speaking for myself, I often use Ruby outside the context of an HTTP request, so having some nice tools that are more in the context of building executables that are more like a CLI application or triggered by a FaaS event is more useful. If there was a solution like that, what would it look like? Something additional to dry-system, something as standalone similar to create-react-app? Just putting this out there to see what people think, thanks!


Thanks for the idea, it would be useful indeed. This could be done once dry-system reaches 1.0.0.

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