Dry-system: example app

I started creating an example app try_hanami_api_and_dry_system to get started with dry-system. I believe that it is, especially for dry-system-newbies, helpful to have a reference application. Maybe this app would help somebody in the future :pinching_hand:

But before that, I want to clarify some questions and improve the example. Maybe someone could take a look at the app and give some feedback. That would be very helpful.

For the sake of simplicity I added some questions as code-comments, so it should be clear, what’s my issue and goal:

Best practice to register classes/modules instead of instances:

How to auto/lazy-require files

While creating I was not sure, how to auto-require Gemfile deps. So I created the bootable :dependencies component (system/boot/dependencies.rb). What do you think about it?

I would appreciate your feedback.

Best regards