[dry-web-roda] Specs covering API

Hello, I’m looking into dry-web-roda trying to build some basic API application.

Are there any examples of rspec covering API endpoints(application/json)?
Because all I’ve seen were feature specs(

And how should I cover dry-transactions with specs? Just checking positive/negative case or there is some better approach? Or checking each step in different spec? Or doing both?

I would appreciate any help:)

I’ve written some basic apps that use rspec to test api endpoints like so https://github.com/alexandru-calinoiu/dry-web-roda/blob/master/spec/integration/new_app_spec.rb or https://github.com/Agilefreaks/clocky/blob/master/spec/feature/checkin_spec.rb

But lately I am using cucumber for integration testing with rack-test

And doing a lot of plain unit tests for different layers of the app using mocks.

Thanks a lot, found what I missed. I was confused that I do not have response available, but that seems to be last_response:slight_smile: