How I can guarantee what all work together correctly?

Hello, everybody!

I enjoy using almost all dry-rb gems, write a unit tests for all my code. But I have troubles and doubts.

I use dry-container and make inject all dependencies obviously. It’s good for unit testing.
But how can I test what all code work together correctly?
Especially how correctly check dry-transactions?

Even though much of an app built with the dry-rb stack can be more easily unit tested, I’d still recommend some higher-level integration tests for ensuring everything works together, like you say. For a web app, this’d mean feature specs using Capybara.

I also came to this already after reading a few articles and chapter about tests in Code Complete by Steve McConnell. There is few material about testing in the documentation for dry-rb. I like your ideas (dry-rb developers) and your recommendations would be very useful. Thank you!