Dry-system version lock in dry-rails

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We’re using dry-rails and a few more dry-rb gems in our project and since updating our dependencies we’ve seen many warnings that relate to dry-configurable.

No big deal there, we updated the dry-rb we could update and silenced the warnings using the dedicated flags. We were unable to update dry-system as dry-rails has a somewhat strong lock on 0.18.x and the warnings were handled in higher versions.

I’d be happy to open a PR to update this version lock but TBH I have no idea of the ramifications of such a change for the project.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help move the needle on this and maybe get a new dry-rails release out of the gate :wink:

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Hey, dry-rails releases were hanged on to not mess with dry-configurable releases, but now when @timriley did release all of the updates, now is probably a time to release dry-rails too.

@timriley is the best person to give more insights to this topic atm.

Thanks for bringing this to the forum, @simonc :smiley:

I’d love it if someone could help bring dry-rails up to date for the latest dry-system! (And by virtue of this, avoid all those dry-configurable deprecation warnings)

The reason I’ve kept dry-rails on a pre-0.19.0 version of dry-system is because, tbh, I don’t personally use dry-rails myself and I haven’t found the time to do the updates for all the dry-system configuration changes I’ve been making lately.

As far as I’m aware, no one is looking at this upgrade right now, so please feel free to go for it.

And in the meantime, if you wanted to temporarily silence those dry-configurable warnings, you can follow this note from the 0.13.0 release notes:

Dry::Configurable.warn_on_setting_constructor_block false
Dry::Configurable.warn_on_setting_positional_default false
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Hi all :wave:

I’d love it if someone could help bring dry-rails up to date for the latest dry-system!

What’s exactly needed to do that @timriley?

I’m currently trying to add support for Rails::Engines and moving quite a lot of stuff around to get it working, so:
a) I could do it if it’s not a lot of work (dry-rb noob over here so I’d need a bit of direction :grimacing:)
b) If someone else wants to do it - maybe it would be good to somehow align the work, otherwise we will get enormous amount of conflicts later on :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

so I bumped the gems and commented some codes out and it seems to be sort of working (PR)

but as I said, I’m dry-rb noob, so I’m not sure if this is correct approach :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

also, there will be breaking changes, but I guess that’s okay if dry-system itself had braking change?
or do we need to keep auto_register!in for dry-rails to have backward campatibility?

I’d really appreciate some feedback :pray: Thanks


For the record, this was just released Release v0.4.0 · dry-rb/dry-rails · GitHub