Virtual attributes with dry-validation?

Hi there, just getting started and wondering where I should deal with virtual attributes. Is there a way to specify some attributes that are used for validation but should not be included in .output? Thanks!

AFAIK there’s no such behaviour in dry-validation. I think the best thing would be to whitelist/blacklist keys in whatever deals with the validation’s output before passing that data around further.

Hello :slight_smile: What’s the source of these attributes? As in, where are they coming from?

Thanks for the quick replies! TLDR I eliminated the virtual attribute, but @timriley I think your approach would have made sense within a dry-transaction.

Basically, I was trying to convert a form object based on the “reform” gem to one using only dry-validation. The attributes were from params from a form submission, and just one of the attributes was being used for validation only (not a database column).