Validating against a partial schema

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So I tried to enable partial validation by adding the method below to Dry::Validation::Schema:

def only(*rules) { |rule| rules.include?( }, options)

It seems to work in a simple use case:

[49] pry(main)> schema = Dry::Validation.Schema { required(:name).filled; required(:age).maybe(:int?) }
[50] pry(main)> schema.({}).errors
=> {:name=>["is missing"], :age=>["is missing"]}
[51] pry(main)> schema.only(:name).({}).errors
=> {:name=>["is missing"]}
[52] pry(main)> schema.only(:age).({}).errors
=> {:age=>["is missing"]}
[53] pry(main)> schema.only(:age).(age: '1').errors
=> {:age=>["must be an integer"]}
[54] pry(main)> schema.only(:name).(name: 'foo', age: '1').errors
=> {}

So is this a reasonable implementation to achieve validating against a partial schema…?

Yes, that’s actually pretty sweet. I’ll keep this in mind when working on dry-validation 1.0.0.

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