Use dry-view with rails renderer


I’m relying on block syntax working for my project, especially for forms. On the other hand I see myself implementing features dry-view has to offer. Is there a way to replace the renderer in Tilt with the rails renderer or replace the rendering with Tilt completely with rails but still use dry-view?

@pizzapill tilt is relatively tightly connected to dry-view right now. I’ve never thought about replacing it or modularising the rendering engine. It’d probably be possible but you’d need to design around it.

If you wanted something in the short term, you’d need to hack it in. And unfortunately, since I’ve not used dry-view with rails personally, I can’t offer you much personal experience here :grimacing:

Yeah I understand. I tought there might be something obvious that I oversaw but I’m half way there already so I will monkey patch it in at some point. Thanks!