Setting global schema options for error messages and I18n

I’m using dry-validations in the context of Trailblazer with a Rails app, my default locale is French.

I would like to configure the error messages and locale globally in an initializer in order to not have to do so in each schema, but I’m not sure how to achieve that.

All the examples I found focus on setting error messages per-schema, and not globally override all the defaults, as well as providing a single file entry point for adding messages.

Am I misunderstanding something here about the way this is done, or whether it should be done at all?

Hi there.

Currently when using dry-validation via a trailblazer contract (in other words Reform) each validation block is its own schema and there is no way to share or inherit configuration setting between them.

You will be able to provide your own ‘base schema’ with Reform 2.3.0. You can access it now by pulling Reform from the ‘improve-dry-integration’ branch.

For more details see

I’m going to close this thread down as this is a reform issue rather than a dry-validation on. If you need any more help on this either comment on that PR or message me on the trailblazer gitter channel.