Senior Ruby Consultant for Corporate Client

Hello. :wave:

I wanted to pass along a potential job opportunity especially for any consultants in the group looking to pick up additional client work. Here are the requirements for the gig:

  • Top 3 Skills
    • Senior level experience Ruby on Rails or React with TypeScript.
    • Familiarity with MariaDB or MySQL.
    • Payroll experience (or experience working with transactions) would be a huge plus.
  • Job Description
    • Collaborate with the team on architecture decisions for an employer record project and a payroll system.
    • Contribute to the Ruby on Rails API and React Front-end.
    • Participate and contribute to building the team culture as we grow.
    • Provide feedback to the client team about new frameworks and packages they are consuming.
  • Rate
    • $105 to $120 per hour USD depending on experience.

I realize the above doesn’t state any use of the Dry RB libraries but I’ve worked with this client in the past and built an entire client library leveraging the Dry RB ecosystem for them. It was heavily rebased for an easy to read Git history, cleanly architected, and well tested.

A few warnings:

  • This is a very large corporate client and the bureaucracy is bad but the team you’d be joining is small and new (like within the last couple of months I believe) so there’s a chance you can help steer the ship and teach the team how leverage Dry RB to keep their implementation clean.
  • When I last worked with the client, they were starting to cargo cult use of Sorbet. I don’t know if this has infected all teams. Luckily, I was able to avoid that quagmire but your mileage may vary.
  • Due to security restrictions, I think this client only accepts consultants from the United States but I’m not positive about that. You should ask, regardless.

Feel free to DM me if you have further questions and I can try my best to answer and/or steer you to the right people to talk to, make introductions, etc.