Renaming Types::Int to Types::Integer

At least once a day while working with dry types, I’ll accidentally write Types::Integer instead of Types::Int and not notice until my tests fail (or worse). Since, as most people reading this will know, Ruby 2.4 has unified ‘Bignum’ and ‘Fixnum’ into a single class called Integer, it makes little sense that dry-types would use Int when all its other types have names which are exactly the same as the corresponding Ruby type (String, Time, Array, Hash, etc). Making an exception for Integer is, imo, a big violation of the POLA, and a recipe for bugs and confusion.

This would obviously be a breaking change (unless you want to keep Int around as an alias), but it doesn’t seem like it would be much work to get this in before dry-types 1.0.0 - wouldn’t it mostly be a simple find and replace job? I’m happy to make the PR myself if you want it done.

Yeah we’re gonna have Integer in 1.0.0. No need for an alias, as upgrading will be a simple mass-replace in your code :slight_smile: