Possibility to remove constraints from a type

Similar to How to remove a default from `dry-types` custom class attribute?

But with any constraints.

Life example:

We have attribute? :max_quantity, Types::Integer.constrained(gteq: 1, lteq: 10).

In console it looks like #<Dry::Types[Constrained<Nominal<Integer> rule=[type?(Integer) AND gteq?(1) AND lteq?(10)]>]>.

I’d like to get #<Dry::Types[Constrained<Nominal<Integer> rule=[type?(Integer)]>]>.

.type, as for default, doesn’t help: it returns #<Dry::Types[Nominal<Integer>]>.

So, I’d like to have something like .constraints, which returns Hash, which I can modify or re-use as options for a new type.

Or, I saw internal .with method, probably we need for something like .without.

What do you think?