Inclusive Terminology in the project

Hi y’all

I’d like to propose and exchange ideas about what we can do about process and initiatives to adopt and encourage Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), starting but not limited to inclusive terminology.


We as programmers are used to use some language that have a negative impact when used the standard terminology such as:

  • master/slave
  • whitelist/blacklist
  • dummy
  • etc

For people where the cultural bias has never been close to witness what does some terminology implies and hurt (yes, hurt), it may not be that bad, but it actually is (source: I’ve been experienced that by my own). As Olle Johnson commented to me, is kind of something as basic as human decency. In my opinion, this can be an addendum or complement to what the Code de Conduct tries in conjunction with what our guidelines may have in place (if applies).

What I’m expecting is some kind of agreement on what we may need to do if the dry-rb community is open to take an inclusive position and openness to the current and future collaborators.

I acknowledge it may not be fast, nor easy to achieve (specially talking about public APIs), but is definitely doable if we are committed to.

What would this initiative include?

Basically every piece we can read on the projects:

  • git branch → master → main (?)
  • code
  • documentation
  • comments
  • examples

Some efforts and guidelines we can take as example:

– Linux Kernel,

Recent events have prompted a Linux position statement on inclusive
terminology. Given that Linux maintains a coding-style and its own
idiomatic set of terminology here is a proposal to answer the call to
replace non-inclusive terminology.

– Google Developers

We write our developer documentation with inclusivity and diversity in mind. This page is not an exhaustive reference, but describes some general guidelines and examples that illustrate some best practices to follow.

Thanks for you attention and please let me know what do you think about this proposal.

  • Esparta

I think this is a wonderful initiative.

A good way to drive it forward would be to submit pull requests to the projects to replace the language such as “master/slave” with the alternatives.

Thanks Esparta!

Short answer: yes, absolutely! We’re all about having an inclusive and diverse community where everybody’s welcome.

I think what we could do would be:

  1. Create a TODO - we can start here
  2. Find people who’d like to step up and become responsible for this effort
  3. Start opening PRs :slight_smile:

We have automated various boring stuff like updating common files in all repos so this should help tremendously. I’ll help with this but it has to be a collaborative effort given its scale.

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