Dry::System - component_dirs


I just finished the upgrade of my app from dry-system 0.17 to master, and I have some questions :slight_smile:

The first one is that load_paths! is replaced by add_to_load_path but doesn’t load the path.

Because of that, I have to do a trick to allow my app to work :

  def self.finalize_application!

These load folders I want.

The second question I have is that I would love to have a different injector for each of my domains.
I use this Import = Dry::AutoInject(Application) to use dependency injection, but I would love to have the possibility to explicitly declare an import per folder.

My app is transitioning from this architecture ROM + Dry Showcase: Part 1 - Application + Database setup - Ryan Bigg into a DDD oriented architecture.

You can see my PR here : Setup dry-system with better configuration by alex-lairan · Pull Request #1 · Cruder/Lootovore · GitHub