[dry-schema] Filter for each element in array


I was wondering if I can combine filter with each? For example imagine that the schema receives an array looking like this [“09”, “12”, “2019”]. Before casting that to date by using a custom type I’d like to verify that the array size is 3 and that each element is an int disguised as a string. I was thinking something like this optional(:date).filter(size?: 3, each?: { format?: /\A\d+\Z/ }), but that doesn’t work. On the other hand just chaining .each separately (optional(:date).filter(size?: 3).each(format?: /\A\d+\Z/)) causes it to be evaluated after type cast.

Yes you can do this:

  .filter(:array, size?: 3) { each(format?: /\A\d+\Z/) }

Works like a charm, thank you!

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