[Dry-Schema] Adding rules to Dry::Schema

Hi, I’m currently migrating from dry-validation-0.13 to dry-schema-1.6.1 and couldn’t find a way to add validation rules.
Here’s an example I had when using Dry::Validation

Dry::Validation.Params do
  rule(role_for_manage_kind: %i[filter_by_kind filter_by_role]) do |filter_by_kind, filter_by_role|

This is basically a conditional validation, if the value of filter_by_kind is equal ‘manage’, the field filter_by_role should be required
Any idea of how I go about this but using “Dry::Schema” instead?

Thanks in advance

@solnic Would you know if this is possible?

Why are you migrating to dry-schema and not dry-validation 1.x? Rules are supported by dry-validation, there’s no such concept in dry-schema.