[dry-monads] error handling without creating leaky abstractions

I’m trying to figure out how to implement error handling with dry-monads without creating leaky abstractions. Consider a 3rd party dependency that is implemented using monads:

class UseCase
  include Dry::Monads::Do.for(:call)
  include Dry::Monads::Result::Mixin
  include Inject['dependency']

  def call
    # if this fails, it leaks implementation details about underlying dependencies error domain,
    # possibly even implementations details that are in layers below dependency
    foo = yield dependency.call

if you were implementing this with exceptions and try/catch, you would catch the underlying dependencies exception and raise a new exception in order to prevent the underlying exception from leaking to the caller.

is there a simple pattern for doing this sort of error translation with dry-monads with or without do notation?

I usually do something like this

foo = yield dependency.call.or {