[dry-initializer] Inherit from a Poro


I very much like dry-initializer because it matches what I do in absolutely all of my constructors : get some data and dependencies and store them. do nothing else.

Therefore I’m trying to use it everywhere and there is one situation in which I have some difficulties : Inheriting from a superclass having a specific constructor signature.

Example :

class ParentFromExernalLib
  def initialize(family_name); ...; end

def Child < ParentFromExternalLib
  extend Dry::Initializer

  option :family_name
  option :first_name
  option :age

How can I call super(family_name) and also benefit from the initializer generated from dry-initializer

I was hoping to be able to do something like :

def initialize(*args)
  family_name = args.first
  class.dry_initializer.assign(self, *args)

Is there anything like this allowed using public - stable api ?