Different behavior in finalizing container between Dry::Rails and Dry::System::Rails

I recently saw that the Dry::System::Rails project was no longer maintained, and merged into Dry::Rails.

I noticed a difference in behavior between the two Railties. Dry::System::Rails does not finalize the container in test environment, while Dry::Rails does finalize it, but does not freeze it. This causes all the boot files to be started immediately.

Is this an intended change?

The reason I am asking this is because I have multiple boot files for app components, with setup logic including event subscription etc. In test environment, I stub the event subscription broker and then boot the relevant components, so that they use the stubbed broker to subscribe to. However, when I tried swapping dry_system_rails with dry_rails, the components get booted before I am able to stub the broker.

Can I propose to return the logic of not finalizing the application container in test environment?

@stefanrendevski yes, please report an issue about it. The truth is, testing setup is not fully there yet :frowning: